What Does it Mean to Depersonalize and De-clutter?

Preparing to sell your home in Palm Springs at its very best for buyers on the real estate market is a necessary step if you are looking to get top dollar offers. Many homeowners do not know where to begin staging or in what areas they should put the most effort towards. There is good news if you are a motivated individual preparing to place your home on the market: Depersonalizing and decluttering are simple tasks that will greatly benefit you as you are showing your property to potential buyers.

The Home within The House

Depersonalizing is the most difficult part of staging for many homeowners. Removing the photographs and personal items that make the structure that is the house into your home can be very emotional. Some owners are simply unaware of what they should and should not remove.

When you begin this step, go through each space and ask yourself, “What makes this room mine/ours?” The pictures on the walls, your favorite posters, the hash marks documenting how your children have grown and any other indicators that the home has current residents should be removed. Take time during this process to remember your favorite moments in the home. Depersonalizing also means removing your style and flare. You may love unique designs featuring bold colors, but the majority of potential buyers will be drawn to a neutral color palette. This is a good time to give your rooms some fresh paint. Avoid dark or wild shades, keeping the mindset of making your rooms warm, welcoming and cheerful to all.

It is crucial that potential buyers can easily see themselves living in the house. It is very hard for most people to look past the personal touches of another individual and see the home as “theirs.” Depersonalizing makes selling much easier. When a buyer can see their home within the house, you can expect a quick sale and a great offer.

The Pre Market Clean Sweep

Decluttering is beneficial in many different ways when you are preparing to sell and move. It allows you to take a close look at your belongings, trash or donate any excess you no longer need and organize the rest. This is a great way to jump start your packing and remove any excess clutter that would turn away buyers.

When shoppers go to view a home, they are expecting to see a fresh space that is well organized and open. The simpler, the better. Buyers are going to open and look through every room, cabinet and closet in your home, so be sure they are well organized, enhancing the appearance of space.

Begin the process of decluttering by going through each room, one at a time, and packing away every item that will not be in use while the home is on the market. The boxes you pack should be neatly stored in a separate unit or in the garage, out of sight from potential buyers.

Depersonalizing and de-cluttering your home before placing it on the market is a critical part of staging that will be very beneficial when selling your property in Palm Springs. Staging may have you stressed or confused, but knowing what it means to depersonalize and declutter is the first step towards getting great offers from potential home buyers.

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