Tip for Selling a house

Your open house in San Diego won’t be as successful without proper staging it.  Make sure the home looks fantastic. If you want to sell your home fast, make it look beautiful and problem-free. If there is a leak in the roof or the heat stops working, it’s better to cancel the open house than make excuses for something that is fixable and minor, but creates worry and doubt.

If you’re looking to sell your house — staging the property your house can do it. With many homes, there are small things that you can do yourself to help the seller stage. 

Leave pets at a sitter if you can.

Curb appeal, first impressions are extremely important. Lawns should be mowed and edged at a minimum, paint the front door if its needed.

Leave lights and heat on when you know the house could be shown.

Smells and odors, brew a pot of coffee in the morning, heat up or bake something in the morning.

Buyers are looking for certain things in a home and when they are there and present well a number of their needs are met. Neutral, updated and move in ready are what most buyers seem to be looking for.

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